Best Gulf Shores Bars? Look No Further Than Big Wave Dave’s


Big Wave Dave’s serves up the essence of the Gulf Shores bar experience. It’s right in our name—we’re a surf-inspired beach bar. And as you might expect, we’re pretty laidback. It’s totally cool if you wear a suit, we just prefer bathing suits. After all, this is vacation, you’re at the beach. Start acting like it!

Gulf Shores Style

Here’s the thing about Big Wave Dave’s, we’re all about “come as you are.” Chill out, grab a drink, chow down on some delectable grub, and forget about wherever you came from. Thanks to Big Wave Dave’s, the Gulf Shores is where problems come to die.

It’s true, some people have trouble relaxing. They can’t stop thinking about work or they can’t put down the iPhone—lucky for you we are relaxation professionals! And if you’re really struggling to find your inner-surfer, we recommend the “Rocket Fuel.” All we can tell you is that it’s frozen, it’s delicious, it surpasses the name, and you’ll be refreshingly chill afterward.

The Big Wave Dave's Kitchen & Beach Bar is one the best Gulf Shores Bars

Surf’s Up!

Is there any group of people out there more stress-free than surfers? Of course not: that’s our theme, our vibe, and our atmosphere. We take the relax-a-chillin’ (yep, just made that word up—sometimes that happens around here) of surf culture so seriously you might think you’re a surfer if you hang out with us long enough. And we also know that every surfer is even more chill with a fresh drink and a full stomach.

But, we know that not everyone is a surfer, so just come on over and hang out at everyone’s favorite Gulf Shores bar. Never visited us before? That’s an easy fix! When you stop by be sure to ask your bartender or server about their favorite spot at the Gulf Shores, other than Big Wave Dave’s, of course.